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To get in contact with us about your membership or account setup, email and Olivia will help you.

Update Password

You can update your password and other profile details and add a photo to personalize your account on the Profile page.

Update a Credit Card

For recurring subscriptions, you can update your credit card details on the Subscription page.

Canceling a subscription

You can cancel your subscription right here inside the membership. On the Subscription page, you will see an option to *cancel your ongoing payments.

Note: If you signed up through Paypal you must also go into your Paypal account and cancel ongoing subscriptions from there. The way Paypal is set up for recurring subscriptions, that is the only way to stop payments.

Getting Support For Your Formulating Work 

The best place to ask questions is in our Lipid Oil Insiders Facebook group. This is where Susan will be available to answer questions and give feedback plus you benefit from the hive mind of all our other students and members!

You can also email Susan directly if you are not on Facebook with questions about your work.