Lipid Oils Academy Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Lipid Oils Academy Affiliate Program!

Word of mouth is the most effective way for us to reach new students and spread the word about the wonderful carrier oils, lipids and plant butters.

That's where you come in!

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, send us an email with your name and business name, the type of business and any website or social media links you want to share with us and we'll send you the form to sign up.

At the Lipid Oils Academy, we focus in providing high-quality education on carrier oils, lipid oils, and plant butters for skincare, formulating, and health.


We run several big promotions throughout the year. Each promotion starts with a free workshop, challenge or video series.


We have three separate affiliate programs, one for each of our premium courses and programs.

Here are the promotions coming up for fall 2023

Facial Oil Formulation - September 2023

Facial Oil Formulation kicks off with our popular Signature Facial Oil Free 5-Day Challenge


Lipids Decoded - October 2023

Enrollment for Lipids Decoded begins with a free 3-day live workshop Stocking Your Carrier Oil Pantry. In the free workshop, students learn how to put together a versatile, custom collection of carrier oils, lipid oils and plant butters. The workshop includes topics like substituting similar oils, shelf life, storage and preserving carrier oils.

Success with Carrier Oils - November 2023

Before we open registration for Success with Carrier Oils we open our 3-part video series on making carrier oil base blends.